Fashionable Social Change

We are so happy to announce that since our post on men’s fashion received A LOT of positive feedback, we will continue writing about this segment for all of you dapper gentlemen.

In the meantime, a close friend of the blog (and an all around great person), Ethan Garber, recently notified us of an Unprecedentedly Chic group of men in Erbil, Kurdistan — Mr. Erbil.

These men set out to prove that simply wearing the most trendy designer suits is not, in fact, a sign of manliness. Rather, one’s “character” and the way in which one acts and carries himself is the way to stand out.

While only three men gathered to create Mr. Erbil, we are so happy to see that this club has now grown to be a group of 30 men! Their work has gone viral and has received positive media attention on multiple outlets.

These men admit that their road to success has not been easy. Their “failing economy and the political issues” that have stemmed from this has caused them to face several barriers. Nevertheless, the men persevered and, although limited in funds and resources, set out in their pursuit to “boost their economy through fashion”.

Their commitment to creating jobs for their country and using local goods is a testament to the men’s admirable mission.




Well done, Mr. Erbil. We look forward to witnessing your future success.

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