Chic Spotlight: Andrew Obtinalla

We are so excited to share with you our most recent shoots with Femme Inc. and That Vintage Place. However, we’d first like to introduce you to the photographer who helped make this happen.

Young entrepreneur, Andrew Obtinalla,  was our go-to guy for these collaborations. If you follow him on Instagram, you’ll know what we mean (and if you don’t, YOU SHOULD!). His distinct and detailed photos are one of a kind, and were exactly what we needed for these shoots.

Even in the freezing rain (anything for a chic photoshoot), Drew was accommodating and made the best of the weather. His positive and welcoming attitude allowed Unprecedentedly Chic to feel right at home, and ready to rock whichever outfit we put on. We can’t wait to show you all of his edgy shots.

Here’s a sneak peek at his work for us that day.


If we haven’t convinced you by now, you should definitely check out Andrew Obtinalla Photography and book him for your next shoot!

We promise, he’s the chicest you’ll find.

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