Valentine’s Day Trouble

While everyone is gearing up for Valentine’s Day, different brands are also doing all they can to cater to all of you v-day enthusiasts. Ladies, Aldo has released a special collection for the occasion, but before you praise the well-known shoe brand for their initiative, keep reading.

American designer, Brian Atwood, has expressed his discontent with Aldo’s newest collection given the similarity to one of Atwood’s signature shoes. The two are pictured below:


While it is possible, and perhaps permissible,  to draw inspiration from fellow designers, outright copying of designs will not only damage a brand’s reputation, but may lead to legal consequences. In essence, Aldo may have now joined the ranks of Zara and Steve Madden as a copycat.

Although a formal lawsuit has not yet been filed, Atwood expressed his feelings on the matter on Instagram by saying, “The say imitation is the highest form of flattery…is it?” and publicly shamed Aldo shoes. He also mentioned his co-designer, Donald Robertson, in the post and questioned whether the duo should be getting royalties from Aldo’s sales.

While the Brian Atwood x Donald Robertson pump sells for $498, Aldo’s similar shoe has a market value of $80. So, it is easy to understand Atwood’s frustration when his higher quality shoe is being sold at a much cheaper price point.

On the other hand, when we think of Valentine’s Day, we think of heart, lips, and the colour red. So is it possible that this could be a coincidence, or did Aldo shamelessly copy Atwood’s designs?

You be the judge. Do you think there is a potential lawsuit in the works?

P.s. special thanks to a close friend of the blog, Sadaf Ramezani, for reaching out to us and letting us know that she’d like us to write about this fashion fight. If there is an issue that you’d like us to feature, be sure to let us know!




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