Brown is Back in Town

Gentlemen, many of you asked for tips regarding men’s fashion and to show just how much we appreciate you, we listened. So, we’ve brought in an expert, a men’s fashion heavy-hitter, and a close friend of the blog for an Unprecedentedly Chic consult. Here are the insights that Jude Farjami has to offer (and he’ll be back again with new tips in the future!):

Over the years suiting has become synonymous with boring, square, nine-to-five lifestyle. A man in a suit no longer evokes images of Cary Grant or Clark Gable (I mean, what did they even do again?), but rather some banker in a boxy, poorly cut mess.

Look, we get it: it’s the 21st century and perhaps not all men need, or want, to be wearing a suit on a day-to-day basis, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative.

If you are looking to outshine your fellow man, you’ll be in need of a suit – a proper suit. Now before you turn to your closet and pick out that one, black suit you’ve purchased as a staple – this includes the navy or grey one you may also have, you daring fellow –  it’s time to think about breaking new ground. It’s 2017, right? We like to believe we are lateral thinkers when it comes to just about everything, so let’s apply that here without merely reinventing a look from our not-so-distant past, as we tend to. No, we want the opposite. We want you to take a step back to a time that had real class, but still we want to be a little more creative than that.

With suiting, men seem to live by the age-old rule of roulette: always bet on black. Well, save that black suit for where it belongs – a wedding or funeral – and go for brown. Brown (in any of the following shades: coffee, cinnamon, tobacco, or even copper) can be versatile, bold, and perfect for the entire week. Brown has never gone out of style in Europe and it will look especially fresh, as many North Americans will not be brave enough to adopt it.

There are an array of cuts and combinations, but for our purposes we will keep it simple with three: the sharply tailored two-piece with peak lapels, the three-piece with a double-breasted waistcoat, or the double-breasted with wide lapels. The first is the easiest of the three to lay down with just about any combination and shade of blue accessories; the second and third are for those who want to be even a little more daring than the brown suit is already making them. Remember that you should layer and treat these suits just as you would a navy, which means absolutely no black and not too much colour contrast between your accessories and the suit.

If you are in need of some visual aids, here are three prime examples:

Chris Pinechris-pine-brown-wool-suit

Jason Clarke
Gregory Peck

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