Oh Mother Nature, Quit Playin’ Games!

Well we knew who the Backstreet Boys were talking about in their 1996 hit song Quit Playing Games (**cough cough, Mother Nature**). As Canadians, any hint of spring weather is a reason to celebrate. But spring … in the middle of January? We’re not convinced. Although Mother Nature clearly LOVES making our heart skip a beat with this warm(ish) weather (note to anyone outside of Canada: 7°C is warm for January – we know, it’s tragic), we’re not quite buying it. So to our fellow confused Canadians, how to dress when the awkward warm/cold, winter/spring weather approaches? We’ve got you covered.

We absolutely LOVE the long top/dress look, paired with either a pair of leather leggings or our favourite black tights. In the look above, this contemporary Zara dress is complemented by our “go-to” leather leggings from Mendocino. We love the edgy look the pop of leather gives the outfit.

When dressing for a “Canadian warm winter day,” you want to make sure you are not excessively layering (gosh, as much as we want warm weather we are NOT ready to say goodbye to this chic layering trend). This is why we absolutely LOVE this little dress from Zara! The high-neck detail doesn’t make the dress too open, all while still giving it a warmer feel.


Sidenote: we know you’re all loving the mural background in our featured photo. It’s the PERFECT Instagram post for all you Instagram junkies. And here’s the best part: it’s right outside of School (the good kind, of course … click on the link to read all about it). So, you can dress up in your chicest outfit, have some of the BEST brunch in town, and fulfill your Instagram-posting desires! Look at us lawyers … all about efficiency!

Long story short (but as you can probably tell by now, we can’t really keep it “short”), we can’t predict the weather. But, one thing is for certain … we are MORE than ready for you, spring!!

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