Accessorizing: the way to our hearts

Do you want to know what distinguishes a chic outfit from an unprecedentedly chic outfit? Fabulous, beautiful, eye-grapping accessories! We admit that sometimes less is more, but this spring, you will want to know how to add that extra flair to your outfit – trust us! So, of course, we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of some of the most stylish accessory ideas. Now all that’s left to do is wait for spring (which is MUCH easier said than done).

The statement necklace: we all know about the chocker trend, but the sautoir  – or long necklace – is officially making a comeback. We love the vintage look of these pieces, and we can all thank Prada, Givenchy, and Chanel for its revamp!


The minerals: spring/summer 2017 will be full of multicoloured, uncut stones and mineral slices used as accessories. Multiple designers showed this trend on their runways, so we cannot wait until we get our hands on the pieces!


The cuff:  This one is our absolute favourite! We love new spins on classic accessories, like the bracelet, and the arm cuff is the perfect, futuristic way to do just that. We first saw its appearance at the 2016 Met Gala, for which the theme was “Manus x Machina”, and we are happy to report that these pieces can now be incorporated into everyday outfits.


The super skinny choker: Okay fine, apparently the choker trend has not yet completely evaporated! But, this time, it is a super fine choker that is in style. Dior and Celine showed us how less is more by displaying this style on their spring/summer 2017 runways.


The jumbo earring: Yes, you read that right, it is a single earring. The mono-earring will be shoulder length this season and we simply cannot get enough. We get it, this may be a little much and you may not be able to wear it to the office, but we are always up for setting precedents. So, join us! We will proudly wear these accessory UFOs together.


Thank you to the ever-inspiring Vogue magazine for always keeping us in the loop. 

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