Unprecedented Designs

Last night, we had the pleasure of attending an exhibit entitled Evolution curated by Sanam Samanian (yes…we know her quite well) and hosted by Toronto Design Exchange. Remember when we discussed the emerging trend of technology in fashion? Well, this exhibit is another example. Evolution “examines how biomimicry – the design of products, services, and systems that imitate nature’s models – has given new rise to design thinking. More and more, designers are looking to nature for responsible design solutions, which has been fuelled by innovation in technology.”

We were also fortunate enough to meet the one and only Philip Beesley, who has a long lasting collaboration with haute couture designer Iris van Herpen.

Iris van Herpen redefines  unprecedented. Her elegant and intricate designs are one of a kind and certainly very chic.

Iris van Herpen and Philip Beesley’s ongoing collaboration is a reflection of their shared interest in structural designs with the use of intricate materials. Iris van Herpen embraces collaborations with artists, architects and researchers, incorporating their expertise in 3D printing, digital fabrication, chemical and electrical processes to create her internationally acclaimed designs.


Are you ready for the most unprecedented part? Iris van Herpen was first inspired by  Beesley’s Hylozoic Series in the creation of her collection, ‘Hybrid Holism’ (Paris Haute Couture Week, July 2012). In this collection, van Herpen drew from the use of “subtle materials, electricity and chemistry” to create designs that are one of a kind and unmistakable.

80.467.1342691514.02_recitymagazine_IrisVanHerpen_Hybrid Holism_Haute Couture_AW2012_13.jpg

The van Herpen-Beesley collaboration continued when van Herpen displayed the widely acclaimed ‘Voltage’ collection, which featured works developed in collaboration with Beesley. Needless to say that these collaborations take a lot of time and extensive planning. The Spring 2013 designs came to fruition after close communication between van Herpen and Beesley’s studios.

We are happy to announce that this dynamic duo continues to collaborate and, in fact, has their next haute couture show THIS MONDAY in Paris. We will be sure to update you on the incredibly chic designs.

Information about Philip Beesley is accredited to Philip Beesley Architect Inc. 

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