Chic Influence: Ashlee Froese

Confession time: you know how when you ask little children who they’d like to be when they grow up and they respond with some sort of a heroic figure? Well, if you ask us the same question, we would, without a doubt, say Ashlee Froese.

Let’s begin with solid evidence of our twin instincts. When preparing our applications for Osgoode Hall Law School, we BOTH wrote about Ms. Froese as our inspiration and a primary reason for  what sparked our interest in fashion law. We, as women, unequivocally support the strong female influences and contributions in the legal community, and we see Ms. Froese as not only a strong female voice, but as a prime example of what we’d like to become once we begin our careers.

Let us tell you a little about how amazing she is. Ashlee Froese is a fashion and branding lawyer, a partner at Fogler, Rubinoff LLP, and is recognized by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a Certified Specialist in Trademarks Law. She regularly guest lectures on fashion law and is a published author in this area of law. She is a leader within the fashion community due to her multiple positions as co-chair of Fashion Group International, a mentor with Toronto Fashion Incubator, a mentor with the Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards, and an advisor with the Ryerson Fashion Zone.

Are you ready for the best part? Ms. Froese manages, on which she writes about the impacts of law, business, and politics upon the Canadian fashion industry. If you weren’t convinced of our admiration, this little piece of information is bound to persuade you.

Ms. Froese, thank you for being a constant source of inspiration.

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