One Day in LA

How to spend one day in LA? Other than obviously prancing around in your CHICEST outfit (because let’s get real here, your in LA, who knows who you can run into?), we’ve compiled  our top 5 must-visit spots. The best part? You can fit these all in one day and at a low budget. Talk about setting precedents.

  1. Alfred Coffee & Kitchen Let’s get real here, if you’re going to spend a whole day walking around the streets of Los Angeles, you’re going to NEED to start the day with an extra-large coffee. Alfred’s (top left picture) is one of the chicest coffee shops in the city, known for its original and highly popularized saying (I mean, who doesn’t have a Brandy Melville shirt with the words “But first, coffee”?). The cool and cozy ambiance paired with its delicious coffee and treats make for the PERFECT way to start your fun-filled day.
  2. The Paul Smith Wall Probably the most blogged about wall in the city, this pretty pink building makes for the perfect Insta picture (middle left photo). Not to mention that the store – Paul Smith – is filled with plenty of chic and trendy clothing to fill all your hearts desires.
  3. Made In LA Wall We love Toronto, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend to be Cali-living for the day. This Made In LA wall, located on Melrose Avenue is just a few blocks away from the Paul Smith Pink Wall. It is owned by Cisco Home, an eco-friendly furniture and home decor shop (you can make your home look cute AND for a good philanthropic cause… how awesome is that?)
  4. Colette Miller’s “Angel Wings” On the topic of good  causes, this next visit has got to be one of our favourites. The “Angel Wings” wall – street art by Colette Miller (bottom left picture) – is part of the Global Angel Wings Project. These wings are painted in areas all around the world, from LA to Kenya to Australia, in order to remind humanity that “we are the angels of this Earth.” We highly encourage you to watch Miller’s TED Talk where she explains to meaning behind this phenomenally inspiring project.
  5. Urban Light at LACMA For all our Ashton Kutcher fans out there, this one is for you. The Urban Lights exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (top right photo) is not only the picture-perfect site, but it is also where multiple Hollywood films have shot at (including Kutcher’s hit film No Strings Attached). It is a great place to visit right before heading out to dinner for the night and a must-see of the city.

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