An Unprecedentedly Chic Winter

Us Canadians have perfected the art of staying warm when braving those winter winds. But, happily, Unprecedentedly Chic has found a way to not only stay cozy while outdoors, but also maintain that effortlessly chic style all winter long! How? We have become obsessed with mixing jackets and coats and using layering to our advantage!

We have paired a striped blazer from Dynamite with a long coat from Aritzia in the picture above and have left both undone to emphasize the pattern and the layering look. Solid colours always lend themselves well to a patterned or colourful piece, so always make sure to mix and match to create a fun and sophisticated outfit!

Knitwear is also always perfect for layering, and is one of our personal favourites! Whether you’re heading to the office or meeting a friend for lunch, try pairing an oversized cardigan with a vintage lace blouse matched with a pair of culottes and a trendy thigh high boot. Throw on a long overcoat or an edgy cape and enjoy your day! You can thank us later.

You can also check out Our Style for other layered outfit ideas and follow @unprecedentedlychic on Instagram for daily looks.

Who said you have to cover up those outfits during cold weather? We are here to make sure you have an Unprecedentedly Chic winter!

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