Børn to be Vogue

Everyone loves good music. But what makes good music even better? Great style. In his rise to success, Garrett Borns – more commonly known by his stage name, Børns – has mastered both.

Let’s start off by saying that if you don’t know Børns, well, you should. His edgy music paired with his chic style makes him nothing but original. This long-haired favourite of ours has rocked both the Coachella and WayHome stages, and has done so flawlessly. I mean, who else can pull off a male midriff-baring shirt so well? In an interview with Vogue, Børns admits that he has never been that into fashion, but that he is always “open to trying new things.” And this is exactly what makes not only his songs, but also his wardrobe choices, so astoundingly catchy.


Within this past year, Børns has become the face of high-fashion brands. In his new single American Money released this past year, Børns was decked out in jaw-dropping looks from Gucci’s fall menswear and pre-fall 2016 collections. His heavily ‘70s-leaning style not only brands his vintage-sounding music, but also makes every fashion-lover’s heart skip a beat.

So if we haven’t sold you on him already, we highly encourage you to check out Børns. He is nothing less than unprecedentedly chic.

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