Home Is Where The Heart Is

With the holiday season in full effect, many of us are thinking about home. Whether that be spending time with your family, friends, co-workers, or pets (special shoutouts to our beloved puppies Cocoa and Simba), one thing is for certain, home is where the heart is. 

One way we will keep warm this winter is with our Peace Collective “Home is Toronto” crewneck. We absolutely LOVE not only this chic piece, but the entire brand and what they stand for.

Playing on a city love theme, Peace Collective has gained notoriety in Toronto for creating simple, yet well thought pieces filled with love for Toronto and for aligning these great pieces with a charitable one-for-one model.  Popular designs include the “Toronto vs. Everybody” and “Home is Toronto” designs that have quickly been popularized by many of Toronto’s local fashion personalities. What’s truly great about the brand, and an elusive ingredient for many brands, is that Peace Collective developed the company organically and authentically. With just six trendy 20-something year old Torontonians working together, Peace Collective has managed to create hype not only about being a Canadian, but also about giving back.

The battle against poverty is one that many nations struggle with – even countries like Canada. In Canada, 15% of children live below the poverty line and this number increases to 40% for Indigenous children. Over 1 million Canadian children, that’s 1 in 6, will face hunger this year. As a Canadian brand, Peace Collective wanted to focus its efforts on raising awareness on poverty here in Canada by supporting a local organization, which is why partial proceeds from every purchase go towards Canada’s very own Breakfast for Learning.

And one of the great parts about this philanthropic aspect of Peace Collective is that it’s also getting loads of support from celebrities and large corporations. One of its largest corporate collaborations to date was with Lululemon. The “Home is Here” collection for Lululemon stores across the country was more than successful: no one could keep the shirts in stock. Canadians loved Peace Collective’s in-your-face patriotic pride, and they were more than ready to show it. And as sales grew, so did the brand’s charitable donations.

It also didn’t hurt that some of Toronto’s biggest names in sports were endorsing the products. Jose Bautista chose to Instagram a shot of himself with Josh Donaldson and David Price in the brand’s now infamous “Toronto vs. Everybody” sweatshirt during the playoffs. This influential post alone generated $15,000 in sales for Breakfast for Learning (talk about hitting it out of the park!).

Now, being lovers of fashion, we find pride in the growing success of local Torontonian brands. We absolutely love how Peace Collective is building a brand that is bigger than itself. 

You see people wearing ‘I heart NY’ shirts or ‘I heart Paris’ shirts – you’ll walk around Toronto and see five of those shirts, but you’ll never see anyone wear an ‘I heart Toronto’ shirt. With the way Toronto is progressing, five years down the line, a kid in New York could be wearing an ‘I heart Toronto’ shirt (thanks to Peace Collective). Now THAT’S unprecedented. 

In a world where there are so many imbalances and injustices, Peace Collective serves as an inspiration to make social responsibility a priority, while still operating a viable business. Turning a profit as a legitimate player in the fashion industry and giving back does not have to be mutually exclusive, and Peace Collective is most definitely proving that the two go hand in hand.

Embracing multiculturalism, individual style, and strong sense of community, the brand stands out as being truly, authentically Canadian. Peace Collective is for everyone who cares enough to make a difference, to be part of something bigger.

Let’s be real here, Peace Collective makes giving back cool.

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